CIM Supervisor - Veszprém

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  • Lead and manage the Plant Supply Chain CIM team 
  • Shop floor Scheduling (Built To Truck, Assemble To Order, Kanban, Visual Re-Order);  
  • Suppliers Logistics Guidelines and Protocols;  
  • Physical Flows (receiving, flat storage, shipping, packaging and labeling); 
  • Ensure all supply chain activities to support New Project Introduction or Engineering Change:  
  • Validate the respect of supply chain specifications during all Project Phases milestones; validate the requirements options selected in all VRF file for all new suppliers and projects;
  • Support the project and purchasing teams by proposing the best solutions leading to maximizing the service level, minimizing the logistic costs and inventories and accelerating the physical flows from suppliers to customers;  
  • Participate to the FPD runs for supply chain activities, follow and implement all correctives actions identified afterwards; 
  • Perform; update the Logistics FMEA for new projects; 
  • Define components and finished goods’ flows and their storage location;  
  • Support the Planning and Scheduling teams during the Start Of Production for all new products;  
  • Is responsible for project supply chain issues until phase 4 (6 months after SOP);
  • Lead continuous improvement actions in all supply chain activities in term of : 
  • Transportation organization by optimizing high pick-up frequency, freight and costs;  
  • Packaging and labeling specifications and standardization for components and finished goods, small returnable containers deployment;  
  • Internal flows by defining and improving material flows and logistics area layouts;  
  • Definition and implementation of scheduling process, systems design and improvement to support them;
  • Definition of receiving, line feeding and shipping processes; 
  • Participate actively in -30 plan and labor productivity plan;
  • Is the VRO (Visual Re-Order) champion of the plant;
  • Engineering school or equivalent, added by the Basics of SCM from APICS certification.
  • 3 Years in Supply Chain Management
  • English / Hungarian languages