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T-HR Kft.

Launch Manager - Veszprém

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Education/ Training

  • Engineering degree and knowledge of Product/Process (VPS-process standards)
  • Personal skills to manage functional organization
  • Quality standards (FMEAs, AQP, Process, Logistic,…)

Professional Experience

  • Knowledge of Automotive development (5/7 years)
  • Get successful development experience as Process Engineering PTM and/or Production and /or Logistic (3/5 years)


Secure P0/P1 Project launches performance from quality and cost perspective

  • Ensure the achievement of Project objectives in terms of manufacturing: cost ,quality & VPS principles, process standards
  • Ensure manufacturing/production quality objectives respect (process standards development, timing, capacity & logistic control…), take over Project QRQC responsibility on site starting OTOP (Off Tool Off Process) preparation
  • Run at rate and FDPR planning and realization within quality objectives for assembly and upstream components
  • Manage the process validation by customer
  • Manage PPAP file delivery, acceptance and parts deliveries on time to customer. Follow all modifications requested
  • Validate capacity availability and investments in production site,
  • Responsible for ramp-up phases deliveries
  • Follow-up non quality costs and quality improvement plans
  • Plan and demand Project resources and control them
  • Check and validate Project Team Members activities and proposes scenario to achieve milestones
  • Follow the CLEAN project management methodology
  • Follow the IProm Process
  • Leading of design for manufacturing (DFM) workshops to optimize the product design